𝟙𝟟· Sleep and focus are troubling me and distractions high. Taking a time of relection when plans are made.
𝕄 𝟙𝟛· Procrastinating: a bit of much needed emacs.el cleanup after some Raspberry Pi configuration improvements.
𝕒 𝟘𝟟· A quick test of my DRI code (based on kmscube) works on RPi as well as my laptop - I didn't break it yet!
𝕣 𝟘𝟝· Tuned up "Window Management" in Emacs so it resizes columns and maximizes screen real estate. Diggin' it!
𝟘𝟚· Tracing leads to metadata... data about data disrupts the primary semantics: whither equality?
𝟚𝟠· Set up a bunch of hats and other Raspberry Pi gizmos - all good fun! Developing a general tracing mechanism.
𝟚𝟛· Mode setting is working; next step is wrangle a bit of GL to do some basic rendering.
𝟙𝟠· The process of setting up DRI (DRM/KMS) rendering is dragging a bit, but I want to get it done.
𝔽 𝟙𝟟· Plugging away at KMS, based on kmscube's atomic option
𝕖 𝟙𝟟· Plumbing the depths of kmscube to get DRI (DRM/KMS) mode working; about halfway there...
𝕓 𝟙𝟜· I've got my RPi test farm (almost) ready. C code using gpiod to drive the Blinkt and i2c for IS31FL3731 done.
𝟙𝟚· Been working on infrastructure again - build system tweaks after some Dynamic typing support.
𝟘𝟡· Set up a Pimoroni LED shim and an Adafruit blue LED bonnet on a Raspberry Pi Zero. The LED shim is great!
𝟘𝟡· C inline functions - getting a unique definition without breaking precompiled headers is just not working...
𝟘𝟜· Set up my 3 station Raspberry Pi test farm a Pi Zero, Pi3B and Pi4B. Almost completely configured, more to do.
𝟛𝟙· Moving ahead with some C programming, just to keep things fresh. Designing memory layouts and etc.
𝟚𝟠· Playing with a first attempt at some simple code metrics. Looks like I'm gonna have to fudge the data! 🤣
𝟚𝟝· Finally reading Sapphire formulae from Verdant files using Python. Still finding Python fun, but ill-fitting.
𝟚𝟘· Even refocusing on Symbolic Logic I'm procrastinating on infrastructure - as in all things, I tend to circle.
𝕁 𝟙𝟡· Digging back into my prototype logic toys and the Mathematical Logic Through Python book (
𝕒 𝟙𝟠· Setup gcc precompiled headers; compile times are already fast, but it's in place for the future.
𝕟 𝟙𝟞· Implementing logging routines as I get back to coding in C. While Python is great fun, I need time at "home".
𝕦 𝟙𝟛· I'm building a Query and Monitor Linux tool as a learning exercise, starting with the sysinfo call.
𝕒 𝟙𝟘· Separated chunked text line structuring code from prettyprinting code, storing the results for further use.
𝕣 𝟙𝟘· Pulling together the meta file-format I'm planning on using for everything: it's basically a chunked text file.
𝕪 𝟘𝟡· The second logic puzzle prototype is coming together and this "Dots" series is starting to gel.
𝟘𝟠· Interaction added to second puzzle in the "Dots" series, but not quite to the playtesting stage yet....
𝟘𝟝· Moved second puzzle I'm developing to SVG, conveniently viewable in both Emacs and kitty. Transitional, tho'.
𝟘𝟜· Still working on improvements to SVG generation from Python. Playing with fonts is always way too much fun...
𝟘𝟚· Migrating my web page background to my new SVG generator while playing with design changes. Fun, but slow...
𝟘𝟙· Happy New Year to all! Starting it off a bit lazily; some progress organizing my tools for generating SVGs.