𝟳 / 𝟙𝟚· Scanning a news article led to a mugshot array of the Supreme Court - the majority look like the freaks of an 80's horror movie. The power that malign cabal have is truly grotesque.
𝟘𝟟· A somewhat distracted watchthrough of Deadloch (programming with TV in background) leaves me wanting more - I hope there's a second season! Totally Completely Fine is distracting me now...
𝟘𝟟· Updating my build system: I always screwed up makefiles, but am finding my own build system equally finicky
𝟚𝟟· At the moment, I'm creating C and Python code with a generator so the input can styled to my preferences. Maybe one day, the input format will be its own language(s).
𝕁 𝟚𝟙· Lots of fiddling - at least I'm doing something - but main projects are moving slowly...
𝕦 𝟙𝟞· We binge watched Ahsoka last night and, like all the Star Wars live action series, the pacing seemed deliberately slow, the pauses in exchanges of dialog palpable. Is it me, or the shows?
𝕟 𝟘𝟠· The Python UI for my e-Reader uses a Pimoroni Display Hat Mini; it launches C process to memory map packed 4 bpp pages and send them to the Waveshare it8951 e-Paper controller via USB
𝟘𝟚· My e-Reader is usable, if a kludge: the WaveShare display and Raspberry Pi are in separate boxes, but it works
𝟱 / 𝟛𝟙· That Math works by chance is unfathomable to me: reason is as embedded in our universe as any physical aspect
𝟙𝟜· Just discovered the -fplan9-extensions option to gcc - a very nice way to build structures
𝟰 / 𝟚𝟡· I'm making a Raspberry Pi e-reader with a fantastic e-paper display from Waveshare!
𝟘𝟚· Slowly coming back up to speed after our trip to Cape Town - redirecting and refocusing a bit
𝟯 / 𝟘𝟟· Back from Cape Town - my first trip in a long time... nieces and nephews I had never met are grownups!
𝟮 / 𝟘𝟡· 2024 is zipping by - deferring some things I hoped to start on this year...
𝟭 / 𝟚𝟜· Been scripting in Python and Bash as well as customizing Emacs more (as a prototype for Royal)
𝟘𝟝· Side-journey into running pbrt on RPis
𝟘𝟙· Happy 2024!
𝟛𝟘· The Rubik's Cube style puzzles available today are amazing, from 12x12x12 cubes to complex organic shapes
𝔻 𝟛𝟘· Regarding Raspberry Pi 5s: a large batch showed up at the Cambridge Microcenter and I grabbed an 8GB Pi!
𝕖 𝟚𝟠· Raspberry Pi 5 supply deosn't quite meet demand at my local MicroCenter - thankfully, I'm patient these days.
𝕔 𝟚𝟠· My brain often takes random walks; when it comes to coding, that means "Infrastructure"! More test frameworks!
𝟘𝟛· Working on a simple interactive puzzle based on propositional satisfiability. Totally experimental...
1 𝟭 𝟙𝟜· A collaborative puzzle taking some time, Logic and Programming Languages the rest. Oh, and cardiac rehab....
1 𝟬 𝟙𝟠· Lots of distractions while I eagerly await the Pi 5. Planning to wait a bit until my projects catch up!
𝟘𝟞· Raspberry Pi 5 is launching late October! It's a nice upgrade, with CPU and GPU twice as fast as the Pi 4
𝟵 / 𝟚𝟜· Productivity has been low for a couple of months - health stuff - refocusing on puzzles for now.
𝟘𝟟· Zooming HTML with a design for HD aspect ratio is challenging - have to disable "Zoom Text Only"!
𝟘𝟞· Incrmentally rationalizing my organzation; I hope to be able to release some bits and pieces soon
𝟚𝟜· Lot's of infrastructure stuff while my concentration is a bit low (mainly Emacs enhancements)
𝟙𝟠· Reformatting git's diff output to be more readable for me.
𝟙𝟜· Generating HTML directly from a list of Stylin' Strings in Python, so I can post output
𝔸 𝟙𝟙· Soft-focus during recovery from surgery means an organizing and planning phase.
𝕦 𝟘𝟠· Reorganizing development and test environment to prepare for a possible future software release.
𝕘 𝟘𝟟· More workspace cleanup: things are getting clearer. Minibuffer hijinx to come, though...
𝕦 𝟘𝟞· Updated my Emacs workspace tools - some simple enhancements and some new features.
𝕤 𝟘𝟝· More improvements to build system dependency handling; need to boil it down to an action graph
𝕥 𝟘𝟜· Fixed up my Python build system so dependents mod times can track their dependencies.
𝟘𝟜· Improvements to removeable media scripts using bash and usdisksctl
𝟘𝟛· Getting going again after surgery is tough - more out of it than I'd like. Emacs keybindings improvements.
𝟘𝟚· A major medical procedure went very well; recovery will be a long road, my progress likely to remain glacial.
𝟚𝟚· Enhanced Mathematical Logic through Python code with Unicode and extended my Unicode Emacs bindings
𝟙𝟡· Fixed bug and cleaned up W󰁪 log display; updated banner to display current logs, instead of stale set
𝕁 𝟙𝟠· Mathematical Logic through Python chapter 4 tasks finished!
𝕦 𝟙𝟞· Emacs keypad handling wasn't letting me override the keypad digits; stopped using pgtk_im_filter_keypress.
𝕝 𝟙𝟛· Finished Mathematical Logic through Python chapter 3. Simple, clean substitutions make powerful tools.
𝕪 𝟙𝟛· Finished Mathematical Logic through Python chapter 2. Translating 3 coloring problem to a SAT problem was fun!
𝟘𝟡· Finished Mathematical Logic through Python chapter 1; saved formulae using my format, with Unicode operators
𝟘𝟟· Started the assignments in Mathematical Logic through Python; the framework has some snazzy Python tricks!
𝟲 / 𝟚𝟚· Decided to do the programming exercises in Mathematical Logic through Python. Homework!