Character grids for 20th-22nd Jul 2010
Exercise is good for you. Go downstairs and lift some weights!

I'm trying a different approach to practicing characters, adding some time pressure. It's taken some adjusting, but I think I've got a workable approach. Initially, I do quick timed sketches with a total of 40 seconds for each one - the intent is to capture something "gestural" and practice posing the character's bodies. Then I time a small sketch of the characters based on the gestural pose and add details. The last two days I decided to do all the sketches based on a single mood - I conveniently have 18 characters, so drawing a 3 x 3 grid each day I get through all the characters in two days. If I add (or eliminate) a character, it will throw everything off, but I'll figure something out eventually.

I'm trying to develop a more cartoony style for this project; I turn to "Action! Cartooning" by Ben Caldwell and "All About Techniques in Drawing for Animation Production" by Sergi Càmara when I need to refresh my perspective on drawing.