Abstract Motion
Divide and color the plane

Download: Abstract-Motion.dmg

This was an experiment I did somewhere around the turn of the mellinium: interested in divisions of the plane both logically and visually, I created this little program which I called "Abstract Motion" - it reminded me of some abstract paintings I'd seen. You can download it as a Mac screensaver for Intel Macs; it should run on Mac OS 10.6+.

  1. Download the Abstract-Motion.dmg file
  2. Mount the disk image by double clicking on it
  3. Copy the "Abstract-Motion.saver" file into one of your "Screen Savers" folders.
Either the "Screen Savers" subfolder of your personal "Library" folder or the system level "Screen Savers" subfolder of the "Library" folder on your startup disk (which is usually Macintosh HD, unless you've changed it) will work. If you have more than one user on your Mac, using the startup disk's Library will make it available to everyone.

General Comments: Send email to info@syntheticblue.com with Abstract Motion as the subject (or just click the link). You can monitor updates by subscribing to the rss feed for this page (or for syntheticblue as a whole). You can also subscribe to my public status updates on Facebook. If you prefer a different method for hearing about updates please let me know!

Bugs, Problems: If any issues come up, send email with Abstract Motion Bugs as the subject.

iPad: I'm thinking of making an iPad app of Abstract Motion. Abstract Motion works as a screensaver but doesn't make the most useful app in the world, unless you want to meditate on it in the park... But, if you'd be interested in an iPad version, please send email with Abstract Motion iPad as the subject.

PPC: I still have a PowerPC version floating around, which I could make available. If you have interest in running this on a PPC Mac using Tiger (10.4) or later, send email with Abstract Motion PPC as the subject.