⎧ 𝟚𝟟 Things are smoothing out! My Python stylin' color and typeface strings support slicing!
𝕊 ⎊ 𝟚𝟝 The recent bumpy patch has held its grip. Hopefully able to move forward after tomorrow!
𝕖 ⎊ 𝟚𝟚 Disappointed Unicode discourages the use of box drawing and terminal emulation.
ð•Ą ⎊ 𝟚𝟘 Some font hacking to share with another GitHub user. The fonttools package makes it easy!
ð•Ĩ ⎊ ðŸ™ðŸĄ I realized my code to "layer" the nodes of a DAG just finds the longest path from root.
𝕖 ⎊ 𝟙𝟞 A bumpy bit. Working on system diagrams to relax before going back to Propositional Logic.
𝕞 ⎊ 𝟙𝟙 Adding metatdata wrapped around Python strings and tuples. An elegant yet murky duality.
𝕓 ⎊ 𝟙𝟙 Added a hacky evaluation visualizer. I'm prototyping, so robustification may be overkill.
𝕖 ⎊ 𝟙𝟘 My truth tables are a-workin'! Finally, proof ((A->B)->(ÂŽB->ÂŽA)) is indeed tautalogical!
ð•Ģ ⎊ ðŸ˜ðŸĄ Implemented simple propositional expression parser for lisp-like syntax.
⎊ 𝟘𝟞 More progress... on Emacs config! 😝 The curse of freedom seems to be lack of focus.
⇑ âŽĐ 𝟘𝟚 Got custom "auto-compression" working in Emacs. No error handling sorted yet, tho'.
⇑ ⎧ 𝟛𝟘 Unicode offers awesome capabilities, but works better for me as tool than core component.
⎊ 𝟚𝟞 Taking a break after discovering Unicode offers emoji variants of ASCII digits... Phew!
ð”ļ ⎊ 𝟚𝟛 Took (an unreasonable amount of) time to write (mostly pointless) opinions on Unicode. Oy!
ð•Ķ ⎊ 𝟚𝟚 Building Unicode chart generators and tools!
𝕘 ⎊ ðŸ™ðŸĄ Chunking metafiles and block-structuring code prior to lexical analysis!
ð•Ķ ⎊ 𝟙𝟜 In the land of 'Nix, futzing with config files ≡ quality of life improvements.
ð•Ī ⎊ 𝟙𝟛 Python indentation leads to knowing enough Elisp to cause trouble.
ð•Ĩ ⎊ ðŸ˜ðŸĄ Revamped Python color string to implement "cascading" semantics. Much better!
⎊ 𝟘𝟝 A fun Python string class to manage colorized text!
⇑ ⎊ 𝟘𝟜 Created my first Python class to manage and cache file information.
âŽĐ 𝟘𝟛 Some serious *Nix text adventuring by way of configuratin'. Now to work!
𝕁 ð•Ķ 𝟚𝟠 Got this microbloggin' system workin'.