Livin’ the Pi Life!

These projects have been my introduction to The Raspberry Pi. If you’re tech oriented but don’t know what the Raspberry Pi is, take a quick look at the specs of the Raspberry Pi 3. This is the current generation of the single board ARM based computer designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a British charity with the mission to make learning programming more accessible to everybody (especially kids).

With Raspian installed on a micro-sd card (Raspian is a Debian based version of the Linux operating system), a power supply, keyboard, mouse and HDMI cable to connect to an HDTV, it is a complete desktop computer perfect for learning programming, computer science, electronics, mathematics and more!

While the Pi is great for learing programming, it’s also great for “physical computing”, or interfacing computers with the physical world. While I’ve been programming for quite a while, I’m new to the Raspberry Pi, electronics and robotics. Check out my projects, or go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s getting started project and explore more from there - such as their about me project which will get you started writing Python code - one of the programming languages widely used on the Pi.